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Joe Goldstein


Bay Area Cable Railing

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Bay Area Cable Railing is a fabricator and installer of high-end railing systems for home and commercial uses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the challenges of this site was building a design language that emphasizes the view behind the railing as much as the railing itself. For that reason, we used a dark mode with textures that reflected the railing infill options, as well as a color pallet that pulls from the sky views you would expect to see in the Bay Area. The semitranslucent minimalist logo underscores the product's simplicity, polish, strength, sharpness, and the view behind it.

Another big challenge was creating content systems that allowed for easy traffic flow between galleries, portfolios, city pages, informational blogs, and project type pages. With that in mind, we built a series of portfolio projects with multiple taxonomies, so project previews can be embedded throughout the site in the most appropriate and high-traffic areas.