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WebTalkTo v9.2


Nice work.
The site is really nice to navigate. The animations, transitions are successful. I would just add a close button in the menu section and bigger project titles.
The content is also very pleasant to discover. This work is well set to win!

Interactive resume


The graphic quality of this site is really impressive. The choice of colors, fonts, layouts are very successful.

On the other hand, the homepage is quite empty and would have deserved a small animation and a layout as on the rest of the site. Some slowness and a problem of transition between each page slow down the navigation.

The set is very clea...

August Studio


The minimalist treatment of the site is a good idea but not worked enough in details. The general feeling of the site is a little bit too simple, the use of fonts could be much more creative. There are too many images and not enough spaces. The use of rose animation is really a good idea but could have been better integrated with the rest of the...