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This is a good website, although content-heavy it's easy to navigate and the information it contains is clear and comprehensible. On the other hand the choice of colours, typography and illustrations doesn't make it super bold. I think that your portfolio section needs more attention. The cards are not entirely clickable and the magnifying glass...

Suner and Garcia

Hi guys, your website is very clean and clear. I like the fact that all the things you can find there are where you expect them to be so the navigation is very easy and pleasant. I think that you should improve the project pages though. First two presentations are clean and bold but the others are either too simple or contain too many assets - I...

Web Effectual

Colours, layout, transitions and typography work nicely together on your website. It's a pleasure to view it although some of the work examples are a bit dull. I'm not sure if it's necessary to have full page screenshots displayed there - I'd prefer to see interesting details instead. I also experienced some overlapping content on 'Echo360' page...

At first glance this website looks great - the colours of the header (as well as the footer) are really nice. However, after scrolling to the middle part of the page you realise that it's missing something. There are interesting icons and an animated background but the text seems to be a bit plain and there is quite a lot of it. The resource box...



Cool! I love it.


The product you are trying to sell seems to be very interesting, this website however, is just another WordPress site. There are many things you can improve, with monotonous typography, low resolution images and issues with mobile layout being the most urgent in my opinion. Come on guys, gather your creative forces and make this website shine!