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Top EMS company and contract manufacturer in USA, Europe and Asia, Asteelflash provides high-end engineering and manufacturing solutions to all industries.


Daoust Cleaners

Daoust Ecoefficient Cleaners, the n°1 cleaning network in America, offers you its environmentally friendly cleaning solution for the optimal care of your clothes and textiles.



Nukleo is a prenatal test that detects the most common chromosomal abnormalities. With no risks to the child, the test is simply conducted by drawing a small blood sample from the mother. Carrying out the programming on WordPress, LEEROY played with the DNA of the site by incorporating colorful particle visuals and an interactive design. The web platform also includes an interactive system for comparing the different Nukleo prenatal screening tests on the market.



Set up by the Maple Producers Federation of Quebec in 2013, NAPSI certifies the quality of maple syrup producers to ensure consumers a dining experience worthy of only the freshest and most delicious syrup. To give a visual identity to the site, LEEROY immersed itself in the world of sap and developed a series of visuals to explain the product certification process. Manageable through WordPress, the web platform allows private access to user accounts and a series of helpful documents for memb...


Tours Altitude

Altitude Tours, a division of Chanteclerc Tours, is a travel wholesaler that provides snowy experiences around the world. Proud to re-enter the world of adventure having made an adaptive site for their parent company, LEEROY developed a dynamic website where photo and video throw visitors right onto the slopes. All running on WordPress, the web platform emulates that of a series of cards and even hosts weather stations for each country.


Meritek Recrutement TI

This Montreal company works in the recruitment of specialized resources in information technology. Conceived and designed by LEEROY, the new recruitment site aims to satisfy both clients and candidates. The site even allows candidates to upload video applications. Developed on WordPress, Meritek's web platform uses a videos parallax design to serve the business' need to appear innovative. In addition, job offers are displayed in real time using an dynamic graphic grid.