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Good job, a nice website, absolutely appropriate for a web hosting company, displaying all the necessary information in a clean and effective way. Kudos for the use of a wide variety of elements (such as tabs, sliders, cards and carousels) and layout structures. Good use of typography, illustrations and icons, though strokes width is not consist...

Suner and Garcia

A nice clean website, with a good choice of fonts and colors.

The fullscreen home intro is minimal and visually impactful, while the text animation repeated throughout the website is a good way to make grab users' attention.

I like the works page thumbnails, colorful and impressive, though an event.preventDefault() would prevent the page from scro...


Good job, fonts and color palette are great and I like the variety of
animations on scroll.

Kudos for your portfolio projects, very well presented.

Just a few very small points I would work on:

- In some pages the menu is hard to see because of the background image
(only on desktop version), here for example: