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I-Creativ Studio

I-creativ studio is a small creative team of designers and web developers that can bring in the spotlight the best of every business. The strength of I-creativ web studio is the elaboration of complete projects from the concept, visual identity, photo shooting to web design, web development and promotion. The studio...

I-Creativ Studio


Urbanized bikes

cleandesignfull screenresponsive art directionweb and interactive

The Product
"No hassle. No flat tyres. No parts to replace." - This slogan gives the right description for this product. Urbanized is an award winning designer bicycle, engineered for the ultimate urban comfort and ease of use. Inspired by city living, the URBANIZED bicycle comes packed full of thoughtful features for everyday use to seamlessly compliment your lifestyle. It is maintenance free, weatherproof and portable...

The Challenge

Our studio got this project to design and build online store platform, that fits the marketing idea of the brand. The client's requirement were extremely high. The main challenge was to find the right balance between the clear marketing message and the functionality...

The Solution
We spent some time analyzing the structure of the project. We were searching some different approaches. We were comparing different variants: classical, extremely minimal, neutral and so on. After a lots of tests, we finally chose a design, which were most appropriate to the brand's essence.
We achieved a clean and modern interface, also suitable and functional at the same time. We paid special attention to the precise typography and graphical ballance.
The content management system gives the administrators control over every element in the website. From the complex visual blocks to the orders management - it is all about the easy and straightforward management...