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Joe Goldstein


Trenchless Solutions

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Trenchless Solutions is a sewer contractor in Concord, California, serving homes and busiensses throughout Contra Costa. They specialize in trenchless pipe replacement using pipe bursting, but offer video sewer inspections as well.

Since customers tend to see sewer repair as a necessary evil, Trenchless Solutions focuses on making the process as painless as possible. By prioritizing clear communication, accurate upfront pricing, prompt appointment times, and respect for both their customers and their customers' property, Trenchless Solutions has won over customers who are willing to pay a small premium for far superior customer service.

To reflect that, we developed a visual identity that looks more like an SaaS than a sewer contractor. The clean colors, rounded corners, geometric ornamentation, and screened photo backgrounds are designed to evoke brands that "just work" as advertised, like Square and Mailchimp. Our intention was to show customers that Trenchless Solutions offers dependable results based on smart technology, backed by superior customer service.