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I am still in love

Maxim Aginsky

accidental ꩜ initiates ꩜ serendipitous

Maxim Aginsky

This morning I continued to review different materials that have been published during the past few years, and I chose one I will share today. This is a "Seasonal event" page of the Autumn Fox 2020 award voting nominees website.

This is amazing how you can still love some of the previous projects, and some not:)

Autumn Fox 2020 award nominees

Maria Saggese - Light Painting by Luca Volino
Ukrainian Railroad Ladies by zhenyary
Umami Ware by umami-ware
Rogue Studio by Rogue Studio
HALO by vladahalo
Portfolio of Gianluca Rinaldi by Gianluca Rinaldi
McBride Design by papertiger
MadeByShape by madebyshape
brandOn by Maxim Aginsky
Braaxe | Maison de Publicité by Braaxe
Ferox Advanced Vehicles by Humaan
FRIENDS by madewithfriends
Buzzworthy Studio by Juraj Molnár
Crypton by Evrone
SkillTwins by Roud Studio
Pixages by Marco Sors
Freshdesign by Fresh Design Agency