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Top 5 websites of the Autumn Fox 2020 nomination. Vol. 1

Miisha Solan

Multidisciplinary designer and Front-end developer with over 7 years of experience in different areas.
I am super motivated and combine the art of design with the art of programming.

Miisha Solan

Best collection of award winning web designs.


Favorite Fox December 24, 2018

By madewithfriends from New York, United States.

To be honest, I was initially unimpressed by the seeming simplicity of the site. However, once I began exploring the pages it got progressively more interesting.

For me, it's the almost perfect balance...

- Karan Patel review

We partner with visionary leaders that are inventing a better, fairer future.

Braaxe | Maison de Publicité

Favorite FoxF February 06, 2019

By Braaxe from France.

An interesting work without a doubt. Short videos on the desktop version of the home page give you a clear idea of what the selected project is about. Every case study page has its own feel, but small animated details make them even more special.

Every page has a great visual effect mainly due to high quality images. And the page loads quickly enough...

- Andrii Zhukovskyi review

Braaxe est une Maison de Publicité Digitale. Élue Agence de l'année 2018.


Favorite Fox April 15, 2018

By Marco Sors

The pro's - very impressive universe nicely transmitted - technically on point - nice experience - ui

The con's - a bit complex to apprehend, the message could have been clearer - the about part - a clear contact me could have been a great idea...

- Olivier Hannes review

10+ years of experience in web development, starting from the initial steps of a project with the definition of its features, moving to its execution, deployment, fine-tuning and ending with the evolutionary maintenance.

Umami Ware

Favorite Fox May 21, 2020

By umami-ware from Germany.

This was a truly unique and original site. Its not traditionally pretty and nor are there any cinematic visuals to entice you. In fact, at first glance I wasnt even sure about the colour palette until I remembered what Umami meant. This makes it all the more amazing that the design team has managed to create such an immersive experience...

- Karan Patel review

Our recipe for success for the typical Umami Flavor? Experienced process consultants, passionate app developers, detail-loving data scientists and creative designers!

Rogue Studio

Favorite Fox November 20, 2019

By Rogue Studio from Brooklyn, United States.

The project from the guys at Rogue Studio is an ultimate example of how layout, animations and content work together to bring up an incredible experience.

One of the most difficult challenges is to grab the user's attention in the very beginning of the browsing experience. Rogue decides to present itself with a strong visual that communicates the identity...

- Gianluca Rinaldi review

Rogue Studio is a digital design studio in Brooklyn New York, offering award-winning brand identity and digital design to forward-thinking companies. By fusing strategy and design we help our partners build their brands, drive business, and stand out in saturated markets!