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"Freighter 2017" first review

Stoyan Daskaloff

Senior UI/UX and Motion designer with 15+ years of experience.
Founder of , SliceCrowd LABS, and Pixel Innovations.

Stoyan Daskaloff

Congrats on trying to go as simple as possible.

But I believe the project still needs a lot more attention to detail and some nice transitions (Creative Front-End Development).

On my 27'' display there's too much white space for so little information. Also using only red color is not the best choice in your case since it's hard to distinguish links from titles. For example I had to search for the navigation.

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Freighter is a Belgian tech and design studio currently based in Courtrai/Kortrijk, Belgium. We specialise in all that is digital and we are not afraid to go into the unknown. Want to check us out? Visit our website at


thanks for the review =)