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"Axis Agency" third review

Stoyan Daskaloff

Senior UI/UX and Motion designer with 15+ years of experience.
Founder of , SliceCrowd LABS, and Pixel Innovations.

Stoyan Daskaloff

I usually like diagonals. But in order to break the rhytm it's a good idea to "rotate" the design at some point. Currently everything is narrow and I started to rotate my head while reading :D

I couldn't enter your web projects - all I was able to see were the thumbnails. Also I couldn't understand what's the idea of the toggle that changes the color of the !

In general I would try to break up the layout a bit (break the rhytm), put some more white space here and there, enhance the appearance of the portfolio pieces, remove this sticky nav that's changing the color and put a "real" nav in there that will help users browse faster. Also some nice transitions and effects of course.