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United in action. Poster for We Are One

Maxim Aginsky

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Maxim Aginsky

Today there are acts of violence escalating across all races, and we are taking a forceful stand to remind people that WE ARE ONE. WE ARE ONE aims to rally creatives behind a message against racism and violence and to lend their considerable creative talents to the cause. We are asking creatives to come up with a poster that communicates this message.

Only when we're active we have a chance to change things. We have the same blood color - we all have the same foundation; We Are One!

The case on Behance


Only when we are active, we have a chance to change things. Activity triggers a mechanism of changes.
We are one - in this case means - we are acting as one considering our shared vision and similar understanding of things.


The choice of the red color follows from the fact that the red is associated with human blood. Blood is something that unites all races, without any exceptions. We all have the same blood color - we all have the same foundation, we are one.


The message is placed on canvas. Canvas formed from lines or squares. The lines/cells of the canvas represent people, canvas - united together.
The direction the canvas takes influences behaviour of individuals, as well when one changes his/her vector will also influence the unit. High influenciable system, internally and externally.