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"Interactive resume" third review

Stoyan Daskaloff

Senior UI/UX and Motion designer with 15+ years of experience.
Founder of , SliceCrowd LABS, and Pixel Innovations.

Stoyan Daskaloff

The website has awesome graphics, no doubt about it. Typography is great, colors as well. I will recommend this for Daily Fox, but there are some things that could be improved :
- The landing page is the worse of them all. It needs to be improved in order to match the quality of the rest of the pages
- It takes too much scrolling till I get to the actual portfolio items. I suggest somehow combining the first and second containers and in that way I'll be able to see the portfolio pieces right after I scroll down
- The website sure needs some front-end optimization. I believe too many code was taken from here and there, right :) It's loading slow and I'm with a blazing fast internet connection
- When I enter a portfolio piece I don't know where I came from. I mean that the navigation is not clear about this, I don't see breadcrumbs, or active state, or back

That's all :) Nice design but it just needs couple UX improvements and speed optimization

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Thank's, I appreciate this! All mentioned points are so true and need improvements.
Thank you for your time!