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Hell'o Baby

Hell'o Baby Interactive baby album was honored to receive Favorite Fox on May 5, 2015

Tell by Tim Raiter

The idea of this project was born when founders worked in big digital agencies and made some special projects for Pampers, Huggies and other manufacturers.

There are only guys in team. Only two of them have little babies. That's why we usually make surveys between young parents (from 2 000 people each) and take consultations with baby centers.

We are looking for USA, Europe and Australian markets. But first we launched in Russia to check our business model. To be fully international, we are strictly following for cross-culture approach in our services, postcards, greetings, characters, stickers etc.

Why «Hell'o Baby»? We are looked for simple name including «baby». And there are a lot of boring services like «baby something». So we decided to be provocative and our name is mean something like «little devils». Of course, we have a little problems with orthodox parents (about 1 of 1 000), but it's negative impact is overlaps by thankful, modern young moms without preconceptions.

Inside our service we have roles: mom, dad, brother etc. But in EU and USA we get negative feedback after launch because we are not friendly for non-tradional families. It is not true) We gay friendly, so we fixed it.

We have some indirect competitors like or But all of them are focused on content only: like Facebook for kids. But Hell'o Baby is focused on whole babe childhood: impressions, places, friend, favorite cartoons and characters, weight, height, nutrition, first step, first tooth etc.

We are non-standart at how we work. For example, we spent this winter on Bali. And the progress was even better than usual.

Our mascot is Mr. Dinosaur.

One of the most attractive services Stickers. We made about 300 cool vector stickers. And it's a first app where stickers are dynamic: user can change or delete them any time.

Another interesting service (will be launched in May) Daily snapshot. Parents takes one 2-second video of baby every day and get fast sequence of growing baby when they finish.