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Why to have the Corporate Identity?

Maxim Aginsky

Designer & Author - UX - Information - Processes - Full-stack - UI - Applications/Web.

Founder of brandOn - Montreal design and development studio & Cssfox - Web designers' community.

Maxim Aginsky

Short history of origin of Copenhagen Festival Ensemble with courtesy provided to us by the ensemble management at our request.


In 2011 we started working on an idea of creation of the ensemble.

The idea consisted with desire to unite constant Danish group of musicians, with internationally famous musicians, that are invited to each ensemble concert to execute chamber music from world heritage.

The idea was good but as we felt at once difficult feasible because of huge quantity of nuances accompanying such serious project as creation of well-functioning collective.
It was necessary to provide a constant hall, material resources, to find and interest suitable musicians. It was generally necessary to have what to show and tell people .Also it became obvious that it is necessary to create a Corporate Identity and its attributes, such as ensemble logo, the business card, the website, and also in the future posters of concerts and concert announcements.

The Web Talk To group works with our ensemble from the very beginning. We are grateful to her experts for their creative ideas and a professional embodiment of these ideas, and also for nerves of steel.

Today, when Copenhagen Festival Ensemble is ensemble with the reputation, that performed many great concerts and having dear friends worldwide, we with confidence can tell that on trusting in developed Web Talk To strategy we weren't mistaken.

2013 the Ensemble Management.

We are grateful in return to Copenhagen Festival Ensemble management for their patience, understanding and trust in our team.
The archive of ideas, graphic materials, website design and more, can be found here.