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Two formats of the Curriculum Vitae

Maxim Aginsky

Designer & Author - UX - Information - Processes - Full-stack - UI - Applications/Web.

Founder of brandOn - Montreal design and development studio & Cssfox - Web designers' community.

Maxim Aginsky

CV is a document that going to represent you in front of your potential employer. So it is quite important to choose the right Face-look for the CV you will create.

What do you think?

Which of the following two CV formats is better?

I believe that people's opinions and critics can affect the process of the creation and can help to bring it to the level that you even did not dream about.
As an example I can refer you to a story about the creation of my CV and how surprising it turns after I heard a few critic words about it (The Story).

What do you think? Your opinion is important to me!