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The puzzle, Fox and triangles

Maxim Aginsky

Designer & Author - UX - Information - Processes - Full-stack - UI - Applications/Web.

Founder of brandOn - Montreal design and development studio & Cssfox - Web designers' community.

Maxim Aginsky

/* The Fox say - Join me @ CSS-Fox! */

CSS-Fox like a puzzle, where websites are puzzle’s parts. The puzzle provides me with a pretty good understanding of what modern web design is or at least partly.

Few ideas for the future design enhancements

Here I put together few design ideas I had in mind for the login screen. The current version of the CSS-Fox does not support user registration, profile page, edit profile, portfolio etc. In future we are planning to enlarge the administrative functionality for our users.

Design idea for Log In page

Progress bar/page design idea.

Of course there is more freedom when creating an image then the HTML page, the graphic editor allows you all kind of effects to make your vision alive. A few overlapping layers among with a bit of logic and sense of taste can help you to create nice picture.

I already can see how problems appearing while implementation of this idea into the web page. All the hard work still in the far /*!?*/ future, I can relax and enjoy just by looking at this cool picture.

Both screens at one place

/* I am saying - Join us @ CSS-Fox! */

The lamp post banner mockup made by Samuel Ladlow