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Online Kotel Notes redesign. Part 1

Maxim Aginsky


"BMAD. Brand identity", "No. Be a better leader", "Crying heart", "Online Kotel Notes", "Resting spinning top" and more.

Designer & founder
brandOn Montreal design and development studio and Cssfox - Web designers' community.

Maxim Aginsky


I have worked on this idea in May 2016. The site was created on WP and published here.

Explanation: not everyone can visit the real Western Wall holy place too expensive, too dangerous :), too far , but everyone can open their application and send the message/note from any place, any time.

Slogan: No one will remove your Note from here!

Because of some magic circumstances I was able to come back to this great concept and to improve and update it. This is very interesting to observe how you able to see the things differently after two years.


Online Kotel Notes Logotype

Online Kotel Notes Icon/Logo

Photography by Eric Van Nynatten

To be continued.