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Method of “Make and see” as a tool for creativity

Maxim Aginsky


"BMAD. Brand identity", "No. Be a better leader", "Crying heart", "Online Kotel Notes", "Resting spinning top" and more.

Designer & founder
brandOn Montreal design and development studio and Cssfox - Web designers' community.

Maxim Aginsky

Customizing the look of WordPress single post page. Example two

The work by the method "Make and see" in spite of its simplicity takes a lot of time and effort that can be a good proof that the Designer is interested in what he is doing.

In my opinion making things with a keen interest is a key component of any process and I am always checking other works, trying to figure – is it made with a keen interest or not?Just as the title tells us about the level of the designer’s understanding on the subject which he is working on, so making things with a keen interest indicates the level of involvement of the designer in the creative process.

In this case the method is implemented in the work with Chrome Developer Tools - the product of Google.

Being on the same page, which we're going to work with we open: Menu - Tools - Developer Tools and we get to the Elements tab.

Select the html element {on the left} we can see its CSS class {on the right}.

Editing the CSS class on Style tab {on the right} we can immediately leads the changes that cause our actions on the screen.

Farther remains to copy the modified classes and to bring them directly to the post page being in the mode Text in WordPress page editor. That's all.

I hope that this article will help you to fresh up the internet with new and original web pages, that will please others {or un please}.