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Invasion of Art. May campaign

Maxim Aginsky

accidental ꩜ initiates ꩜ serendipitous

Maxim Aginsky

History knows many examples of how one world atack and sets one's foot on the neck of another world. Here is another story of how Marks took over worlds of great artists in May 2021. Based on a true story.
Designed as a part of the study on the new invasion for the Arrowww.

Our uniqueness is a result of personal limitations outlined with experience we have gained during our lives. To create an organic set, enough just to choose the method which combines one or few of the limitations. I usually prefer naturalistic approaches. In the current case the limitations are in the way the mouse operates on the table using the brush tool in Photoshop.

Ritual actions to gain access to world culture. Growing the balance of meanings.