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Holes Idea. Paul Motian & Philosophy of Emptiness

Maxim Aginsky


"BMAD. Brand identity", "No. Be a better leader", "Crying heart", "Online Kotel Notes", "Resting spinning top" and more.

Designer & founder
brandOn Montreal design and development studio and Cssfox - Web designers' community.

Maxim Aginsky

Theme No.9 was the first one to procreate with an idea of "Holes" that through them you discover the background and you can see it even moving by rolling down or up.

In Theme No.10 you can see the idea (effect) even better, more spots, all kinds of shapes with holes that reveal the background picture.

Seeking for inspiration for Theme no.12 caught me on a picture of the most brilliant musicians of all times - Paul Motian who is definitely one of my heroes of all times and one of my favorite musician.

So I knew that this is the best point to start with. I built the theme with my biggest love and admiration to the man.
During the work process I realized that the idea of "Holes" is his music philosophy.

Paul Motian is one of his kind musicians, his music philosophy is pauses while he was playing (Holes), so maybe few other used pauses as their technic or their stamp, but definitely not any other drummers.
When a pianist does not filling the musical plane it makes sense but with a drummer it is extraordinary, because the drummer is the one that gives the rhythm and everything takes place thanks to that. So you may think he "cannot afford" pauses but that is exactly the thing, that makes him so unique, special and unusual.

All three themes: no.9,10 and 12 contains black and white background picture. I process the image and took colors from it, and they all are seeing through the Holes.
I wanted to use black and white as colors scheme to be the main in the theme, than I decided to check the feeling when you take only one object and color it.

When I finally had the theme done and I had all my heart and spirit in to it, I was so proud of it that I decided to share the story with Paul Motian. I read that he died on the end of 2011, the discovery was pretty hard to digest but it gave me the final approval for my choice of inspiration.
When I looked for a concept unconsciously I choose him and only after I understood that actually it was all about his unique and creative way of bands drums.
That is a good example of how we always get in life what we deserve even without being aware of it….