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Designing My Curriculum Vitae

Maxim Aginsky


"BMAD. Brand identity", "No. Be a better leader", "Crying heart", "Online Kotel Notes", "Resting spinning top" and more.

Designer & founder
brandOn Montreal design and development studio and Cssfox - Web designers' community.

Maxim Aginsky

CV or résumé is a first piece of id your future employer or partner will receive from you. No need to say how important it is to create a CV that will bring maximum of your individuality in minimum space.

Recently I had to create one (one?). Bellow you can find versions of a CV I created for myself, followed by short explanations of the idea, sketches and CV for “The Steve Stevenson Challenge”.

The first version of my CV (16 June)

The Idea

Man Figure, Clock, Sun, CV.

Curriculum Vitae is translated with Latin, as "tide of life", the biography.

Clock. The letter "V" reminds two hands: hour and minute. The letter "C", it is not a complete circle – the clock face.

Sun. Skills, Employment and Experience, is sun-clock rays. These rays essence projection of "tide of life" of the subject to society life.

The illustration of an idea

The second version of my résumé (17 June)

Download the resume in a PDF format

Explanation of the idea

Clock, Sun. Detail of the CV composition.

The Steve Stevenson Challenge

Everyone likes a competition. Steven Stevenson, a fictional Web designer, doesn't have a résumé. The competition: each designer must translate his work experience, education and interests into their own unique style.

If you’re interested in taking the challenge yourself, check out for all the rules these designers followed, Steven Stevenson’s raw data and the chance to add your own entry.)

This move is proving that I really love competition. Below you'll find my version of the S.S. CV.

In the CV composition I’m using modified ideas and details from my résumé.

Steve Stevenson CV version one (18 July)

I send this CV to Steven Stevenson and got this replay:

Hi Maxim,

I'm glad you enjoyed the exercise! I am not currently updating the website, but I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge! Just a few notes to help you improve your design:

Everything should have a purpose… I wondered why you made 'ploym' in Employment a different color? Just remember, when you design things, think, 'How does this make my design more readable or usable?' and if it doesn't, opt to take it out. Less is more. Also, try and use space to visually group things. So titles and text should have space after them to make sure that they don't run into the next bit of content.

Good luck with your designing!


Everything should have a purpose… I wondered why you made 'ploym' in Employment a different color?

Absolutely correct note: everything should have a purpose.

In this case what attracted my attention was mainly the idea (Clock-CV), the text organization I did not take seriously enough. After receiving a letter from Kat, I decided to continue to work on the CV for Steve. The result can be seen below.

Steve Stevenson CV version 2.1 (25 July)

These examples will explain the hidden mining of the “logo”

CV symbol

W(eb) symbol

Steve Stevenson CV version 2.2 (29 July)

Central Axis of Life and Ladder Steps

A new idea or just a good association: Central axis of life, Ladder steps.

Ladder is a symbol of growth. The ladder steps symbolize periods of our life path.

Steve Stevenson CV final version

Download the Steve Stevenson CV in a PDF format


Recently, I made for myself a few versions of the résumé. They are differed the presence of ideas implemented graphically on the CV surface. I always thought that the CV should have unique face and if I'm a web designer - graphic elements are essential attributes of my résumé. But it does not have to be that way. And I decided to make a CV using only text. In principle, this form may be - due to the simplicity - the most suitable for writing a CV. Time will tell which of the forms is more effective.

The third version of my résumé (28 July)