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Creating CSS-Fox website. Part One

Maxim Aginsky


"BMAD. Brand identity", "No. Be a better leader", "Crying heart", "Online Kotel Notes", "Resting spinning top" and more.

Designer & founder
brandOn Montreal design and development studio and Cssfox - Web designers' community.

Maxim Aginsky

In creation process on CSS-Fox, where a few completely different steps. I will try to uncover the creation process here.

The final design presentation is here.

CSS Beauty. First step

September 2014

I love beauty, beautiful website, submit your beauty – this idea completely made me crazy, if possible to make me more crazy than I am already :)

The first title idea for the site was – CSS Beauty Award.

I planned to base the design on parallelogram, two parallelograms that creates one shape.

In accordance with the plan I tried to apply the idea to all possible design elements, such as: logo, buttons, inputs, text fields and of course the section that presents the website in the gallery.

I created a star using the shape – two parallelograms. This slightly modified star will become a future logo of the site (top right corner on the following image)

Sliding top section (navigation)

Screenshots of the html test version

The Fox. Second Step

I spent quite long time for the first step. The second step took me about two days.

New mood

I wanted to hide any textual content. As I understand later on, this was not really user friendly idea, but beautiful :)

Gallery page

Single Fox page

Sliding menu design

Footer section

Submit Fox page design

I combined all templates in one image, it is easier to analysis the weak points when creating a website with more than few different templates.

Future Twitter design test

Another logo idea