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Web Effectual screenshot

Web EffectualN

7 Apr
84 84 organic views:
43 m. & 41 g.

Web Effectual is a collective of talented creatives, builders and strategists located throughout the US. Together we work with forward-thinking brands to help realize, organize, architect & craft awesome digital experiences.

Created: 1 Apr 2018
Chris Bubny

Jury reviews

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KP-Design's profile image


16 Apr

I agree with Robert. The Colours, Typography, Animations and Layout seem to work decently together but I'd definitely add more to the inner project pages to make it a bit more interesting.

13 13 organic views:
11 m. & 2 g.
Robert Fiszer's profile image

Robert Fiszer

15 Apr

Colours, layout, transitions and typography work nicely together on your website. It's a pleasure to view it although some of the work examples are a bit dull. I'm not sure if it's necessary to have full page screenshots displayed there - I'd prefer to see interesting details instead. I also experienced some overlapping content on 'Echo360' page...

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26 26 organic views:
20 m. & 6 g.
Jenish Mandalia's profile image

Jenish Mandalia

14 Apr

Everything is really good. Solid coloured, texture background, smooth scrolling, animation, animation time is perfect as well. clean and nice content presentation, Dotted edge. everything is awesome. Good work. I'm impressed.

Few things you can improve.

on the work detail page the content is overlapping to the image, another things I notice on the...

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