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Trampaway screenshot


16 Aug 2017
505 505 organic views:
11 m. & 494 g.

Share your trips & experiences, ask questions and draw inspiration from other travelers with Trampaway.

Piotr Swierkowski's profile imagePiotr Swierkowski

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Gregor Ojstersek's profile image

Gregor Ojstersek

28 Aug 2017

That's a really cool idea for an app. I can see a lot of potential in it. Also the work you (your team) have done to make the experience as it is, is admirable - illustrations, video, the whole site's branding, animations, micro interactions etc.

I'm just curious how many people was involved in this, because I can see some nice server - client ef...

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13 13 organic views:
12 m. & 1 g.
Vincent's profile image


21 Aug 2017

That's a pretty cool site, and this idea of suggesting trips and creating a community around this service is excellent for people like me who never know where to go for the next vacations :P

Visually speaking, it's clean, I love the simplicity, the illustrations, and the fresh / friendly color scheme, so good job. The site could be even more clea...

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Maxim Aginsky's profile image

Maxim Aginsky

16 Aug 2017

Very smooth and creative! I am missing the About page. My transcription: international community of people that united around idea of - trump (Donald Trump) away com (top-level domain). This is was my first association when I saw in the address bar :)

Love the illustrations. Who is a creator of such a great illustrations?

Also I have strong feeling that the top part (with illustrations) not really matching the bottom (content) style, especially on the homepage. For example on the /guides page both parts follow the same style rule.