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SOMA SOAPS screenshot


18 Jun 2017
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Soma makes all-natural skincare, made for real people and their body (soma / σώμα / in ancient greek). We believe in purity and simplicity of our ingredients, creating a company that we would prefer to buy from.

Created: 2016
alextade's profile imagealextade

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oninross's profile image


28 Jun 2017

The background image seems to distracting. I don't see the point of using waypoints in transitioning the content. It just got too distracting that I gave up halfway. It's too long, doesnt tell a story. It feels half-baked

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Janet Wong's profile image

Janet Wong

24 Jun 2017

Overall the site can be presented in a more slick and cleaner way. For example, removing some background images. At the moment, seems like everything is condensed and squeezed into one page.

Would be better if you can break this site into few pages accordingly by product category so you have more room to play with. As it's important for user to d...

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