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7 Feb 2016
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1 - Front-End Development for Creatives

Stoyan Daskaloff's profile imageStoyan Daskaloff
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Fox Tale

30 Aug 2016

It's simple.

When you are a UI designer you always want to have the best front-end developers working on your projects. However, most probably the best of them are already working in those kick-ass creative agencies. So, how do you find devs that can make your design look and work exactly the way you imagine it, and even beyond?

You go to - Front-End Dev for Creatives

It was a very long process and I would love to take you through all of it. We started with a UX analysis.

The previous website of SliceCrowd was good, but not good enough. It used to provide more information that you might need.

The biggest issue was that it was too corporate.

You couldn't tell that our services are...

The making of SliceCrowd featured image
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18 Feb 2016

Very creative. Thanks