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RubyRussia screenshot


18 Jul
37 37 organic views:
26 m. & 11 g.

Meet the reinvented RailsClub RubyRussia, the leading Ruby conference in Russia. Every year Evrone invites world-renowned speakers of the Ruby community, top Ruby and Rails contributors, nominees for the Ruby Hero Award and representatives of world-renowned projects. RubyRussia conference is not only a great way to follow the latest trends but also a great opportunity to talk with colleagues, share experience, meet old friends and learn something new.

Created: Jun 2018
Evrone's profile imageEvrone

Jury reviews

18 18 organic views:
12 m. & 6 g.
KP-Design's profile image


24 Jul

I loved the simplicity and the no-nonsense approach to the design. Matches the subject matter perfectly. Also liked the slight quirkiness with the rotating ticket symbol and the oversized logo on the left.

But most of all, I liked your typographical choice both, in terms of the font you picked as well as the sizing on different viewports.