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Richmond Sausages screenshot

Richmond SausagesN

7 Aug 2017
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After a complete rebrand Richmond sausages needed a new website to fit within its new brand identity. Impero were tasked with creating a digital hub for a brand rich in over 100 years of Irish history and proud to be 'the Nation's Favourite'.

Created: Aug 2017
Impero's profile imageImpero

Jury reviews

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Janet Wong's profile image

Janet Wong

19 Aug 2017

Love the site!! Great choices of font, warm colours and illustration. Every elements here are blended well together as one.

Maybe just one comment. Appreciate if you can make your navigation menu sticky when on smaller resolution.

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Gregor Ojstersek's profile image

Gregor Ojstersek

18 Aug 2017

I like the overall presentation of the brand (story, products, recipes) + the overall feel of the site is providing trusty vibes about the brand and products. Also the branding illustrations nicely complement the content and pictures.

The UX part is well done. The content is well thought out - a nice story of the brand which is giving trust to th...

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Long Story Short's profile image

Long Story Short

16 Aug 2017

Impero, I know your stuff and have been stalking you for a while! :) F*ckning tubes & the Beefeater campagnes are killer!

The Richmond Site is nice, simple, fun and bang on brand, however it doesn't feel time may have been a factor here, but I'm only saying that because I'm a fan and comparing it to your previous work, which isn't fair... so a sl...

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