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3 Apr
268 268 organic views:
138 m. & 130 g.

Surreal collages animated through web technologies

Created: Apr 2018
Marco Sors

Jury reviews

17 17 organic views:
10 m. & 7 g.
Wibicom's profile image


13 Apr

Great job,

The pro's

- very impressive universe nicely transmitted

- technically on point

- nice experience

- ui

The con's

- a bit complex to apprehend, the message could have been clearer

- the about part

- a clear contact me could have been a great idea

Well done!

15 15 organic views:
7 m. & 8 g.
Jenish Mandalia's profile image

Jenish Mandalia

9 Apr

Great animation, Just want to say, you could use some different colours for the fonts so that can be more visible to user. rest are great. love it

24 24 organic views:
13 m. & 11 g.
Robert Fiszer's profile image

Robert Fiszer

8 Apr

Cool! I love it.

1 comment

Maxim Aginsky's profile image

Maxim Aginsky

9 Apr

This is awesome! As always or even more. On the verge :)