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29 Mar
89 89 organic views:
43 m. & 46 g.

Pagestead sells white-labeled, self hosted web design software. Pagestead allow marketing and web design agencies, marketers and entrepreneurs to launch a web builder SaaS business within minutes.

Matt Naus

Jury reviews

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Robert Fiszer's profile image

Robert Fiszer

8 Apr

The product you are trying to sell seems to be very interesting, this website however, is just another WordPress site. There are many things you can improve, with monotonous typography, low resolution images and issues with mobile layout being the most urgent in my opinion. Come on guys, gather your creative forces and make this website shine!

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Wibicom's profile image


11 Apr

Simple and clean but really common.
Indeed, it's working and it works fine but the creation suffers from lack of css or innovative animations. Furthermore, the design is really "boxed" and monotone thanks to the fonts you're using.

It's a great website but it could have been greater with more work on it.