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Orazio Cantio Photographer screenshot

Orazio Cantio PhotographerN

28 Jul 2017
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8 m. & 304 g.

Orazio Cantio, Photographer based in Cilento. Portrait, Children, Street Photography, Glamour, Fashion, Couples.

Created: Jun 2017
Giuseppe Lombardi

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Janet Wong's profile image

Janet Wong

6 Aug 2017

Great sense of style!

Just a tiny issue on navigation. For example when I go through your photos, I only realised the page is controlled by keyboard when I mouse-clicked. And I had a bit of hard time looking for the exit button too.

Keep it up!

1 comment

Maxim Aginsky's profile image

Maxim Aginsky

4 Aug 2017

Love the home page presentation. Very inviting.