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metajive screenshot


6 Jun 2017
746 746 organic views:
25 m. & 721 g.

We are a digital agency creating great experiences for brands pursuing excellence.

Created: 1 Mar 2017
metajive's profile imagemetajive

Jury reviews

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1 m. & 4 g.
oninross's profile image


14 Jun 2017

Not much can be more said about this site. It is clean, it represents who they are and communicates well on what they do. I would trust them if I were to hire them as an agency.

One minor flaw though. The pages tend to be long and navigating to another page requires me to scroll all the way back up. A sticky nav or a back to top to help the us...

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Vincent's profile image


12 Jun 2017

So much attention put in everything. I love the variety of the different pages' layout (but everything stays consistent), the way your works are presented, the imagery, the fonts, the white spaces, the architecture, all harmoniously contributing to communicate on your professionalism and creativity.


2 2 organic views:
0 m. & 2 g.
Stoyan Daskaloff's profile image

Stoyan Daskaloff

12 Jun 2017

I like the creativity in this project and also the good UX practices that I see. I love the typography.

The only thing that I don't like it this weird slider on the homepage :) I actually hate it ... but all the rest is awesome ! And your guys can really put some more animations and transitions in there :)


Maxim Aginsky's profile image

Maxim Aginsky

18 Jun 2017

Happiness is not just a prepared smile :) Congrats with the Favorite Fox!

Drew's profile image


20 Jun 2017

You have developed a well-designed and creative project, surely worth a Favorite Fox award. Nice work!)

ViaForge's profile image


24 Jun 2017

Congratulations metajive!