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M2H agency screenshot

M2H agencyFavF

7 Aug

M2H agency is a digital production agency focusing on branding, web & mobile development as its core products. On our website we showcase the most outstanding works and highlight our minimalistic approach to design.

Created: Aug 2017
M2H agency's profile imageM2H agency


Maxim Aginsky's profile image

Maxim Aginsky

12 Aug

Love it. Great work!

Erkan Malçok's profile image

Erkan Malçok

23 Aug

Smooth transitions and well crafted work. Congratulations!

M2H agency's profile image

M2H agency

23 Aug

Thank you very much, Erkan!

Drew's profile image


23 Aug

I really like the idea of endless scrolling on cases, especially with the ability to use browser-based navigation, as if navigating through pages. At the same time, loading takes place on the client side. If the speed of the scroll itself was faster and the third mouse button was active, then this would be one of the best ways to navigate the projects. I understand the possible reasons why you would like to detain user on the page, but you did an excellent job so that he or she scroll leisurely on their own =)

M2H agency's profile image

M2H agency

23 Aug

Thank you for your feedback, Drew!
Yes, we were trying to balance between skimming through cases and keeping user focused on details to be more engaged.
Will try to tune it a bit and maybe switch to a native browser scroll to make easier.