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10 Jul 2017
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Having had a total of over 30 years combined experience with web design and web development,® is fast becoming a stand out provider for responsive web design and SEO Services.

Created: 1 Mar 2013

Jury reviews

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Janet Wong's profile image

Janet Wong

22 Jul 2017

Info are well prepared but couple of stuff might need some improvements.

I suggest to use a few cover images for each pages so user can spot different experiences between pages. They are looked the same at the moment.

For copy wise, some information can be condensed and presented in point form instead of paragraphs. And I personally think that c...

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Gregor Ojstersek's profile image

Gregor Ojstersek

21 Jul 2017

The site is providing the necessary information to the user. It does the job, but if you wish to stand out more from the competition, you need to put some more character in the design - some more branding elements :)

Every page has the same hero image. You should provide some diversity. I liked that fixed background section named "Web Design Expe...

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Vincent's profile image


16 Jul 2017

Many, many, many points have to be improved:

- First, it feels like a regular wordpress site that you barely customized. I don't feel any identity, you know, those little things that make you unique...- Too much text and no contrast in the font. Do you really expect your visitors to read paragraphs and paragraphs and paragraphs, especially consid...

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