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Investment Calculator screenshot

Investment CalculatorN

2 Apr
109 109 organic views:
46 m. & 63 g.

Investment Calculator helps you calculate the potential value of your retirement investments and visualize its growth.

It also gives personalized suggestions to help you maximize your investment like renting out a room on airbnb, driving lyft for a few months, or giving up coffee for a year.

Created: May 2018
Caleb Barclay

Jury reviews

7 7 organic views:
4 m. & 3 g.
Robert Fiszer's profile image

Robert Fiszer

13 Apr

At first glance this website looks great - the colours of the header (as well as the footer) are really nice. However, after scrolling to the middle part of the page you realise that it's missing something. There are interesting icons and an animated background but the text seems to be a bit plain and there is quite a lot of it. The resource box...

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10 10 organic views:
7 m. & 3 g.
Jenish Mandalia's profile image

Jenish Mandalia

10 Apr

Things are really great. specially your colour combination are really great. very good. simply awesome.

1 thing i notice, some where text is overlapping to icons, may be you can eliminate the icons on the hover state.. for example "Maximize employer 401k matching" rest things are great. good Job.

26 26 organic views:
21 m. & 5 g.
KP-Design's profile image


8 Apr

Nice job with the Design. I especially liked the soft colours and gentle background animations. It all seems to work together without becoming too intrusive.

The only thing I would have done differently would be to reduce the massive amount of content in your central section. Maybe use accordion style sections or animated icons to give the reader...

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