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HICX Solutions screenshot

HICX SolutionsN

14 Aug 2017
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HICX are a multi-national software development house, specialising in supplier data management. Our task was to create a website that made their proposition clear and digestible, in an aesthetically pleasing way. We spent a lot of time with the client breaking down existing content and working out ways to visually represent key points. In addition to the design and development of the site, we created bespoke illustrations to represent key service areas.

Created: 11 Feb 2017
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Gregor Ojstersek's profile image

Gregor Ojstersek

26 Aug 2017

Very clean layout. The content is easy to read and line-heighted nicely - it feels very breathable. The sections are sperated very consistently and also the illustrations nicely complement the content. Also I like that you put the reading time of the each blog post in the blog archive page.

My suggestion is for the UI. It would be fun to make the...

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