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Hell'o Baby - Interactive baby album screenshot

Hell'o Baby - Interactive baby albumFavF

30 Apr 2015
291 291 organic views:
9 m. & 282 g.

Interactive baby album is a special place which represents first 5 years of little devils. It provides easy instruments for collecting all impressions about baby by whole family!

Hell'o Baby is an interactive cross-platform baby album with a many additional services. Add baby photos, videos, audio and funny notes. We always keep the original resolution. Photo filters can be changed or removed after shooting (magic)!

Invite your relatives and make content together. All content is absolutely private. Share selected moments with your friends. Your entire album will stay private for family.

Never miss any details with key moments: first word, first step, first tooth, first bathing and much more.

We working hard on special baby services.

Measurements. Add baby weight and length and track them on graphs.

Video stories. Keep collecting moments, and get amazing personalized video story and printed album every year. Depend on your content, we'll make a beautiful movie and book about baby. Automatically.

Postcards. Collect&enjoy beautiful postcards from Hell'o Baby.

Stickers. Add beautiful texts and stickers to your photos, to make them even better.

Daily snapshot (soon). Create one photo everyday and see how your baby growing up in a short movie.

Printed albums (soon). Collect baby content, and get personal printed story of your baby. Automatically.

Use Hell'o Baby not only mobile, but in your browser as well.

Tim Raiter's profile imageTim Raiter
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Fox Tale

7 May 2015

Hell'o Baby Interactive baby album was honored to receive Favorite Fox on May 5, 2015

The idea of this project was born when founders worked in big digital agencies and made some special projects for Pampers, Huggies and other manufacturers.

There are only guys in team. Only two of them have little babies. That's why we usually make surveys between young parents (from 2 000 people each) and take consultations with baby centers.

We are looking for USA, Europe and Australian markets. But first we launched in Russia to check our business model. To be fully international, we are strictly following for cross-culture approach in our services, postcards, greetings, characters, stickers etc.

Why «H...

Hell'o Baby featured image
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