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Helder Corporate Identities screenshot

Helder Corporate IdentitiesN

7 Apr
59 59 organic views:
28 m. & 31 g.

Helder is a design agency focused on research, strategy as a basis for corporate identities, logo design, content development, web design and brand spaces. Helder is based in Berlin, Germany.

Maurits den Held

Jury reviews

4 4 organic views:
2 m. & 2 g.
Wibicom's profile image


16 Apr

Well... Develop a modern one page is always complicated but keep from A to Z the same design and format will definitely not help.

I don't feel comfortable navigating through your site, we have a visibility problem with the overlapping of typo's. I'm not fan of the color to describe your universe. I don't have any issues with the choice of color, ...

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12 12 organic views:
7 m. & 5 g.
KP-Design's profile image


13 Apr

I think WordPress Theme sites often get a bad rap. This could be because so many of them are just overloaded with as many interactive elements as possible. So, its refreshing to see a WordPress theme site with a clean uncluttered look.

I especially liked your colour palette and the simple but effective use of white space.

That being said, I really...

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