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29 Mar
244 244 organic views:
140 m. & 104 g.

For over 10 years Fresh Design has been developing web platforms based on its own product - a synergy of CMS and CRM called fdForge with full 360 sales cycle management.

Created: Jan 2018
Fresh Design Agency's profile imageFresh Design Agency

Jury reviews

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8 m. & 7 g.
Wibicom's profile image


9 Apr

I was curious about your portfolio website but I'm positively surprised. Your animations are well done and I like the minimalist way of thinking. The 3D effects are greats and we have a real impression of "well finish" website. A single "bémol" is just the boxing format, I'm sure you would have reached a amazing experience if the whole design w...

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Daniele De Santis's profile image

Daniele De Santis

9 Apr

Good job, fonts and color palette are great and I like the variety of
animations on scroll.

Kudos for your portfolio projects, very well presented.

Just a few very small points I would work on:

- In some pages the menu is hard to see because of the background image
(only on desktop version), here for example:


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23 m. & 3 g.
Janet Wong's profile image

Janet Wong

7 Apr

Just like your name - Cool and fresh. Colours are well chosen. You have paid great attention to details!

Hmmm if there's one thing that I wanna bring up - it would be the font use of 'We are made of ideas'. Personally think that it looked a bit out of the place.

Keep it up!

12 12 organic views:
8 m. & 4 g.

Fox Tale

23 Apr

Fresh Design story has begun 10 years ago in a small rental apartment with two employees and two computers. Every year the number of the team members and the office size were growing, and so every year our website was also changing.Over time, the Fresh Design website has experienced 7 re-designs. We have closely followed the novelties and trends in web design and implemented them. Our designers constantly work to create a color scheme, which will fit into our corporate identity and is visually pleasing.Our developers have tried to minimize the loading time of the website, regardless a number of visuals on the website. Hence, our website is convenient and easy to use on any device like a s...

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