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Dr. Franklin Kuehhas screenshot

Dr. Franklin KuehhasN

13 Jun 2017
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The new website for the Austrian based specialist in Urology and Andrology

Created: 9 Jun 2017
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Vincent's profile image


21 Jun 2017

It's a nice website and its clean look and feel, its sobriety very well serve this doctor's professionalism, while having this hint of style that definitely change from the other "medical" content we're used to see on the web.

A few point can be improved:- I thought the left / right arrow didn't work as there is no pointer mouse cursor (hovering ...

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Gregor Ojstersek's profile image

Gregor Ojstersek

20 Jun 2017

The site seems well presented regarding content and the overall page consistency is there. Also the branding part seems like you have put a lot of effort in to so kudos for that!

I am sensing some improvements for the UI part that could be taken for consideration. I would change the overall sections padding to 0 and make all the sections full wid...

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