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Crypton screenshot


15 Jun
186 186 organic views:
98 m. & 88 g.

Crypton is a cryptocurrency trading bot based on machine learning, which analyses trading transactions, predicts changes, selects growth points and signals to sell or buy crypto.
Crypton himself tells about what he is like, what he needs and how to contact him.

All you need is to scroll.

Created: Mar 2018
Evrone's profile imageEvrone

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Fox Tale

29 Jun

Meet Crypton - a cryptocurrency trading bot based on machine learning.


The founding team of Crypton came to Evrone with the idea of creating a smart trading bot which can pick the potentially beneficial points to buy and sell cryptocurrency, and bring profit constantly. They had a vast experience in finance and trading, and a splendid idea, but they needed sufficient technical resources to bring it to life. We cared deeply about their aspirations and captured this idea in a nicely designed and functional product with unique identity.


Our web designers worked carefully to craft innovative UI design and the exceptional identity of Crypton to let him win the hearts of the user... featured image
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Maxim Aginsky's profile image

Maxim Aginsky

20 Jun

This is amazing work! Cannot stop scrolling on mobile and desktop :) Very impressive and inspiring. Thanks!

Evrone's profile image


29 Jun

Thank you, Maxim!