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Cost to create an app screenshot

Cost to create an appN

26 May 2017
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Worried about the development cost associated in creating an app that will transform your ideas into innovative solutions? Find the estimated cost to create an app.

Created: 22 Jan 2017
Clavax's profile imageClavax

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2 Jun 2017

The parallax effect was too much for me in the website. It didn't suit the theme of the site also. The animations also is a bit too much for the website. There is a time and place for animations. It seems to be distracting as you go deeper to the site instead of being an aid to the site

The form is not properly styled. It looks broken.

What c...

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Janet Wong's profile image

Janet Wong

2 Jun 2017

From the landing page, I don't quite get the purpose of parallax effect here on almost every single graphic.

Probably you can improve the css styling for your form at footer. And seems like this landing page doesn't sync with rest of the pages in terms of layout and brand consistency.