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Axis Home screenshot

Axis HomeN

9 Jun 2017
533 533 organic views:
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Axis Home is a new home launcher replacement. It replaces your home screen with new look that you will be happy to see everyday. You will feel that you in control of how your home looks.

Created: 9 Jun 2017
Axis Agency's profile imageAxis Agency

Jury reviews

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Gregor Ojstersek's profile image

Gregor Ojstersek

17 Jun 2017

That's a cool way to present your app.

The animations on transition are nice and smooth with big titles. The mobile version is great, maybe the thing that I miss on desktop view is the transition navigation (bullets). That would make clear where I am currently stated and also that would initialy be more intuitive that you could scroll (or click o...

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Vincent's profile image


14 Jun 2017

Very stylish, I like the visual design and animations.

The way the visuals and the message adapts to the different devices resolution is pretty well and cleverly done, and with some more works, I'm sure you can do even better ;)

Downside is that it took me a few seconds to understand I could scroll / swipe down to switch to the different screens.


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Maxim Aginsky's profile image

Maxim Aginsky

14 Jun 2017

Very, very nice work! Personally I would activate animation faster (on one click of the mouse wheel), without delay. Similar to what you did for mobile.

Axis Agency's profile image

Axis Agency

15 Jun 2017

Thank you very much Maxim. We totally understand what you mean about the animation and we were going with this approach, but we found that this delay will make animations look better especially for the desktop version because it's the one which has a lot of animations.