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AMC Doors & Windows screenshot

AMC Doors & WindowsN

14 Jun 2017
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13 m. & 527 g.

AMC Doors & Windows offers a seamless blend of lasting beauty, state-of-the-art innovation and revolutionary safety features. Each AMC product is customized to the specific taste of the customer with a dazzling array of color combinations and window options. Martin designs windows and doors to enhance appeal and security of your home.

Created: 14 Jun 2017
Aplauz Advertising Agency's profile imageAplauz Advertising Agency

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Gregor Ojstersek's profile image

Gregor Ojstersek

25 Jun 2017

The site has a nice first impression and the overall look & feel is good, however some things could be taken for consideration.

Some special characters such as z are displayed differently than other characters. That means that you should load the Latin Extended Open Sans version of the font. That would make the characters consistent.

The animated ...

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Stoyan Daskaloff's profile image

Stoyan Daskaloff

23 Jun 2017

The website has some nice transitions but however I noticed some issues such as :
- hero images do not fill the full width of my 27'' display :)
- the active state of the menu is invisible in the OKNA page

I would also suggest a better timing of the elements in the homepage hero image. Currently they come one after each other which takes a lot of t...

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