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Alexander Engzell Portfolio

20 May 2015

Alexander Engzell Portfolio was honored to receive Favorite Fox on May 5, 2015

Tell by Alexander Engzell

My original inspiration when setting out to build my new portfolio was the guillotine, you see it clearly throughout the website.

The angle portfolio thumbnails are cut, the bezier curve animation, hover effects for buttons and lazy loading effect for content.

My other inspiration came from 80's movie posters for the custom typography on all portfolio titles - which are own developed slogans that represents the work in a few words.

The animations for the titles are was first made in After Effects and then exported to sprites and animated with Javascript.

The site is responsive and won over 10 Site of The Day awards in the first 2 weeks.


I wanted something minimal and clean done with as few lines as possible. Readable at smaller sizes and complement the website design and overall branding. The 'E' plays on the Sigma symbol In mathematical terms, Sigma means addition to get results.

Alexander Engzell > add it to get a result > Good Design.

Logotype sketches

Two logo concepts


I wanted a modern and clean font to make a bold statement, Bebas Neue is an excellent font and does just that. After some experimenting I choose Voyager for paragraph text as it has a very unique feel to it even though a sans serif, especially like the capital A and numbers.

Color Scheme

Custom Icons

Do not distract from the main design and to add clean and simple value all icons are made with a 5pt stroke and uses no rounding but the same angle. The proportions are also based on the golden ratio.


Over a decade in the game. Sketch

Over a decade in the game. Final

Alexander Engzell. Sketch

Alexander Engzell. Final

Long tradition. Sketch

Long tradition. Final


Front Page

Info Page

Portfolio Detail

Thank you Alexander,

This is fantastic work! Definitely favorite! We wish you all the best in your creative work.



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21 May 2015

Wow!!! Thanks Alexander.

Maxim Aginsky's profile image

Maxim Aginsky

21 May 2015

repeat myself "Only real talent can take guillotine and turn it to a beautiful flower".

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21 May 2015

Continue the way you do ! It is just great!!!

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21 May 2015

I'm not just liking it, I love it!

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21 May 2015

I hope you will receive many good comments, fantastic job

Alexander Engzell's profile image

Alexander Engzell

22 May 2015

Thanks for all of the positive comments and for featuring me :)

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22 May 2015

Dear Alexander. I hope that the following message will find you. First of all congratulations! I was just wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about how you did the animation image? I now that you wrote it up, but can you please write me more specific details about the process? I will appreciate it very much! Thanks you and looking forward:)

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23 May 2015

I just love this work, I love when simplicity meets great talent... when simple inspiration meets genius :)

Alexander Engzell's profile image

Alexander Engzell

26 May 2015

Hi Kiril. The way I did the animations is the following: sketch the lettering, vectorize the lettering, animate the lettering in After Effects, export the animation to a .png sequence, animate and optimise it in JS.

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1 Jun 2015

Dear Alexander. Thank you very much for your reply, I will try this now. Huge Thanks.