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Alexander Engzell Portfolio screenshot

Alexander Engzell PortfolioFox 3

14 Apr 2015
925 925 organic views:
28 m. & 897 g.

I approach every project with an understanding that its end result will be a glaring reflection of me and my clients. I never settle for acceptable - only exceptional.

Alexander Engzell's profile imageAlexander Engzell
331 331 organic views:
6 m. & 325 g.

Fox Tale

20 May 2015

Alexander Engzell Portfolio was honored to receive Favorite Fox on May 5, 2015

My original inspiration when setting out to build my new portfolio was the guillotine, you see it clearly throughout the website.

The angle portfolio thumbnails are cut, the bezier curve animation, hover effects for buttons and lazy loading effect for content.

My other inspiration came from 80's movie posters for the custom typography on all portfolio titles - which are own developed slogans that represents the work in a few words.

The animations for the titles are was first made in After Effects and then exported to sprites and animated with Javascript.

The site is responsive and won over 10 Site of The Day awards ...

Alexander Engzell Portfolio featured image
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Maxim Aginsky's profile image

Maxim Aginsky

9 May 2015

Only real talent can take guillotine and turn it to a beautiful flower