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Cssfox is a community of web designers and web designer portfolio. It's a place to interact with people that have same interests.
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Cssfox is a community of web designers. Show world your work! Sign in | Create account

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Brand assets

Looking for Cssfox logo and Fox symbol to download? Please read the usage guidelines and other rules we have outlined to make sure our brand marks look good everywhere.

Web designers' community mark

The web designers' community mark has two versions: the symbol by itself (a) and a combination of the symbol and the word "community" (b).

Cssfox - Web designers' community mark

Download both versions of the Cssfox community mark in the vector format by clicking the button below.

Download Cssfox mark

For sizes smaller than 60px (width) please use just the symbol. We won't limit you in your color choice at this time, but please use a single, solid color for both of the mark versions. For now, you can experiment with the surrounding spacing :) Try not to modify the mark or use it in a confusing way.

The only rule for now: Do to another's Brand Mark as you would have them do to yours. :)

Thank you for your understanding and have a great time on your community website.

February 2017

Cssfox logo letters & Fox symbol

The idea behind Cssfox logo

The logo visually underlines the relation between CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and the Fox symbol, as well as clearly shows the separation between these two words.

The relation between two words, created by the use of one color that is applied to the first four letters/characters of the logo.

The separation follows from the fact that the second word - Fox - is actually underlined. The word Fox underlined using the same line of letter f, that moved from top to the bottom of the letter and continued to the end of the word Fox.

Cssfox logo

Download Cssfox logo files:, Cssfox-logo.png

Fox symbol

Fox symbol

Download Fox symbol files:, Cssfox-Fox-symbol.png

The Cssfox logo and symbol appears in color, but black and white usage of the logo and symbol are also permitted.

Required clear space for logo and symbol

Required clear space rule: clear space = ac = bd = horizontal length of the letter o

Required clear space rules


Cssfox is a single word with a single uppercase C. It is always written as Cssfox never as CssFox or Css Fox nor CSSFox or CSS Fox.

Usage guidelines

Please do not use Cssfox official colors for the logo and symbol background color when using the Cssfox logo and symbol.

Cssfox logo usage guidelines

Submit a message if you have any questions about usage of Cssfox logo and symbol.

Cssfox official colors

The Cssfox color triad is based on the Red-Yellow-Blue (RYB) primary color model, but modified.

Cssfox official colors

Thank you for your interest,

Cssfox team