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Winner certificate (new 2016)

13 Apr 2016

New design for our winner certificate is finished and ready to be presented to the winners. The design of the certificate has been developed following the new Cssfox design concept guidelines, that slowly, but surely distributes over all Cssfox materials.

The certificate composition based on AABA* struc... 32…

Virgin state

Please fill me up!

20 January 2016

On 5 February 2016 Admir Hadzic Portfolio has been selected from many other great works as a Fox 4 winner and was the first to receive the new certificate.

Fox 4 winner certificate. Admir Hadzic Portfolio

Admir Hadzic on Twitter

Admir Hadzic on Twitter

A small contribution for a special community. Thanks a lot @_cssfox for the Fox 4 Award

Screenshot. Tweet 9 Feb 2016


In music theory, the middle 8 or bridge is the B section of a thirty-two-bar form. This section has a significantly different melody from the rest of the composition and usually occurs after the second "A" section in the AABA form. It is called a middle 8 because it happens in the middle of the composition and the length is generally eight bars.

Cssfox team.