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Case of plagiarism

11 Feb 2016

Comment (simply write - Do not!)/sign the petition to authorities of listed below web design galleries where the plagiarism was nominated and awarded.


We would like to bring attention of Webguruawards, Cssnectar, Csslight and Popularwebsiteawards to the fact of plagiarism published on their end:

(13.02.2016 update)
Following our support request the site was removed from this gallery by the gallery's authority.

and kindly ask to remove this plagiarism from any winner positions or even farther more – to remove the page contains the plagiarism completely from your galleries.

The evidence

Ana Travas (
The evidence pertaining to the launch date of saved on WayBackMachine in March 2015.

Thank You for your understanding and participation,

We all should be ready to protect unique works of our members!

Cssfox team